Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Samuel was born on 15th July 1990 bringing great delight to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his family. Samuel was blessed like the Dhinakarans with the gift of singing. He gave an individual performance when he was a little toddler in a Christmas program in Doordarshan. He started to sing and praise along with his sister Sharon in public meetings. Today, Samuel shares the word of God and leads the youth in an inspiring time of worship. His messages are packed with power of God and thousands of youngsters have turned away from the worldly life and are transformed. His insights into the Bible are great and His messages are wisdom. Samuel has the double portion anointing, an anointing of his father and that of his grandfather.

Sharon Angel Dhinakaran

Sharon is the elder daughter of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. She is dynamic and a bold personality, right from her young age she was daring to do something for the Lord. At her young age, Sharon was bold to stand before the masses and sing for the glory of God. She along with her brother Samuel has released many music albums, which are great hits among the children. Today Sharon preaches and prays for thousands of youngsters with the matchless power of the Holy Spirit, claiming Godís promises and blessings for them. Surely, she is a great inspiration and a leader of the next generation.

Stella Ramola Dhinakaran

Stella Ramola popularly known as Sweety, is the youngest daughter of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. She has captured the hearts of thousands of people who watch her narrating her stories in TV and in the Public Prayer Festivals. God has bestowed her with a divine gift of singing and her songs brings solace and comfort to the broken hearted and joy & happiness for little children. Her songs are greatly sought by the children of all ages and some of her albums have been great hits. Her latest releases are Love Lifted Me and Jesus Loves Me are enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages.