Community Development Projects

As an extension to the God-given plan of the Karunya University, the Karunya Trust began the 'Community Development' service way back in the year 1991 by establishing the Evangeline Matriculation School and dedicating it to the local poor and tribal people who live in the surrounding villages of Karunya Nagar. The school is well equipped and provides excellent education to nearly five hundred students every year.

The other projects of the Trust, viz., the Poultry, Agricultural Farms, etc., not only help all the local people to get jobs to earn their livelihood, but also help in improving the living conditions of these people.

The students of the Karunya Institutions also involve themselves in educating the rural people by conducting adult education programme, mass literacy programme, etc. The rural people, especially the tribal people who have so far not been exposed to such educational methods, now enjoy reading, writing and give themselves a better opportunity to survive in this challenging world.

The Trust has also taken up the projects of laying roads etc., with the Public Works Department, and this greatly helps in improving the transport facility.