Jesus Calls


Who are we?

Prayer, love and compassion are key components in the Jesus Calls ministry. All the endeavors of Jesus Calls portray these major dynamics. The uniqueness of this global ministry is that Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his entire family minister together with various people groups without regard to nationality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.  As a result, Jesus Calls necessitates a multi-faceted approach to a ministry that extends to men, women, youth, children, families, sick, the poor and needy.

In answer to the cry of millions, as found in Psalm 69:20, “Reproach has broken my heart, And I am full of heaviness; I looked for someone to take pity, but there was none; And for comforters, but I found none,” Jesus Calls provides hope and comfort to broken-hearted people by weeping with those who weep and mourning with those who mourn in accordance to what Jesus has said that if two agree together in his name on earth it’ll be done by his father in heaven. This mission is fulfilled through the Prayer Towers, Prayer Festivals, magazines, broadcast and digital media

Mission, Vision and Biblical Foundation


Jesus Calls’ mission and purpose is to exalt our Lord Jesus Christ and heal the brokenhearted that their sorrows may turn into joy.

We accomplish our mission through the operation of the Jesus Calls Prayer Towers all over India in about 100 locations where intercessory prayer is offered 24 hours a day.  Jesus Calls also conducts public prayer festivals and broadcasts its message through the media in order to see people forever changed through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.  It is the dream of the Dhinakarans that “not one soul would be lost.”

“Therefore go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you, always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV).


In 1962, late Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, at the age of 27, had a vision of Christ for nearly three hours, wherein he spoke to Him face to face. Jesus told him that during his sojourn on earth, when He saw the sick, the lonely, the despised and the castaways, He was moved with compassion and laid hands upon them, embracing them and speaking words of grace and comfort, healing each one of them through the compassion that flowed out of Him. He said, “Dhinakaran, I’m transforming your heart to overflow with my love and compassion. From now on, when you hear the people narrate their sufferings to you, you will not condemn them or judge them but will begin to cry for them unto me. And when you cry, I, Jesus will come, see your tears and wipe away their tears.” This has been the mission of Jesus Calls since then.

The Lord, then, allowed the family of the Dhinakarans to go through many tribulations, personal losses and pain, including sickness unto death, poverty, uncharitable criticisms, financial tribulations, oppression and even the loss of Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran and Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran’s daughter, Evangeline, through a cruel car accident at a tender age of 17. It has been these heart-breaking experiences in life wherein the family experienced the resurrection and comfort through the spirit of Jesus which have led them to minister to the other broken-hearted people, since 1970, when the first public Prayer Festival was conducted in Vellore. In 1972, the name Jesus Calls was given to the ministry by the organizers of the Prayer Festival in the city of Erode, Tamil Nadu.

In 1980, at the age of 18, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the son of Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran & Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran joined his parents in ministry and today leads the organization along with being the chancellor of Karunya University (deemed) and the founder of SEESHA, a humanitarian foundation. He married Evangeline and together they have three children, Samuel, Sharon and Stella. Samuel is married to Shilpa.


Mass hope-giving rallys, known as Prayer Festivals, are held to pray for the needs of the people, proclaiming the message that God would turn one’s sorrow into joy, when one comes to Him. These Prayer Festivals are organized by a committee comprising all the churches and in some cases, a representative of the ruling government of that state. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his family are invited by them to minister in those Festivals which are normally conducted for three days in that city. There have been attendances of up to 500,000 people per evening of each of the Festivals, specially in northern parts of India. These Prayer Festivals are telecast live on commercial television channels across the nations, through social media and on the website to reach a few million people at the same time. Thousands of counselors and prayer intercessors are trained before the event, coming together from different parts of the state to minister to those in need of prayers and surrender their lives to God. The organising committee of that Prayer Festival raises the funds locally to conduct these meetings and also to provide accommodation for those who come from other parts of the country. Following that, Prayer Towers are established in different cities to continue to serve these people. Each local congregation then gets energized and multiplies into bunches of people who carry Christ


Prayer Towers are centers of prayer established in various cities across the nation of India. People who are broken because of life’s problems, walk in and are received by a prayer intercessor who counsels them from the scripture and prays with them. Marvellous transformations such as freedom from addictions, deliverance from family problems, and physical suffering have been reported by people as their lives change to trust in God and lead a righteous and healthy lifestyle. Today, more than 100 Prayer Towers function in this manner.

A National Prayer Tower has been established in New Delhi just across the Parliament of India, with the president’s office in direct view. Prayer intercessors come from across the nation of India and pray from the 5th floor of this Prayer Tower looking at the Parliament, maintaining a 24 hour chain, all the 365 days of the year, praying unto God for His will to be perfected in the life of each citizen in the nation as well as in the affairs of the government.

People call the Prayer Towers 24/7. The calls are received by the prayer intercessors and prayer services are offered in 12 language groups.


In 2004, the National Prayer and Ministry Alliance was formed to pray for God’s will to be established in the nation. 72 hours prayer, in the model of the prayer mission of Esther, was conducted from April 14-17, 2004, for the first time in India, incorporating all churches, evangelistic and missionary movements and Christian institutions to pray before the national elections. This prayer was held in 14 cities and continues to be held before every election in each state and the nation. It’s a sight to see all the leaders of the established churches, reformed churches, evangelical churches, Pentecostal churches, charismatic churches, independent churches, movements and institutions coming together following 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Daniel 9.

During the most recent elections, this prayer was held at the same time, across the nation, in 532 constituencies of the parliament of India which faced the elections. Following these prayers, God has been gracious to bless every ministry that cried out to God in one accord, according to Zephaniah 3:9, speaking the one language of love and unity, serving the Lord and thus increasing in numbers across the nation. Truly, a little one has become a thousand in terms of receiving the boldness to witness and receiving favor from all people to accept the message. Apart from this, after the prayer for election, the government that would be formed would show favor and provide all support, in line with the constitution of the nation. Moreover, in India particularly, after the 72 hours prayer for the nation and the non-stop prayer at the National Prayer Tower of Jesus Calls, India has moved from being a third world country until the 80s to a global power in all respects, including its economy.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has had the opportunity to pray with the Prime Minister, Chief ministers in India and national leaders of other countries, giving them prophetic guidance from the lord about their nation, from time to time.


The Esther Prayer Group women's ministry is a global army of prayer where faith filled women pray in groups for other women and families. In the year 1988, after losing dear daughter Angel, the Lord gave this divine Ministry to Sister Stella Dhinakaran. What started as a mustard seed with 1 group has now grown into a large network both in India almost in all states(about 4700 groups) and abroad in 30 countries(about 370 groups). The Esther prayer group ministry is to intercede like Queen Esther, for millions of women who live in tears due to various reasons so that their lives would prosper and deliver women who are under the bondage of sin and curse due to their ignorance. There are four types of groups: Esther Prayer Group (for women),Youth Esther Prayer Group (for young girls), Couple Esther Prayer Group (for couples), Junior Esther Prayer Group (for school going girls). Each month, prayer points for each group to pray together from a convenient place is sent by Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran along with the scriptures to be used in prayer. This has raised thousands and thousands of praying women across the world who pray zealously for the problems of other families to be solved by which God has transformed their families and has given them an open door to live for Jesus.


In 2008, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran received a vision from the Lord to raise sons and daughters who would prophesy and young men to see visions (Joel 2:28). The Lord told him on March 14, 2008 that it is no more going to be one Dhinakaran but the Lord would pour his spirit on all flesh who have received the Lord through Jesus Calls Through whom the God of salvation would reach millions in each village, city and nation, just like it happened with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ and to ensure every paying partner to become a praying partner.

It is in this context, Prayer Academy of Jesus Calls came into existence on February 9th 2017. Today, partner training programs are conducted at each Prayer Tower in the related language to train the new believers in the aspects of salvation, consecration, restoration, Christian living, Bible reading, prayer, witnessing and a spirit-led life. Following that, a 6-month program is being offered for those who’d like to witness with spiritual authority along with their secular profession as well as the responsibilities in the family. On July 15th 2021, Online course entitled ‘Knowing Jesus’ was launched by Dr Paul Dhinakaran and family; At present about 1200 people have joined this 10 week course with 10 video teachings of DrPaul Dhinakaran on the Mission of Jesus.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and the members of his family conduct Prophetic Prayer training for three days across the world. Many of them who get trained are provided platforms in the Jesus Calls ministry through the Prayer Towers, Prayer Academy and Prayer Festivals to minister to millions of people. Truly, a little one becomes a thousand and a small one a mighty nation.


The youth ministry of Jesus Calls is dedicated to serve young people and help them shine like stars in this world. UTurn hosts Clubs every month in local Prayer Towers, music concerts, TV programs, interaction on social media and one on one counseling. It also operates a Young Partners’ Plan which is for young partners from newly born children up until they get married. As they support the ministry, which is a source to bless millions, prayers are offered by the prayer intercessors in the Prayer Towers each day for God to bless them according to 1 Chronicles 4:10


The Jesus Calls television programs have reached millions of homes since 1985 in 13 languages with the gospel of hope and prayers for the needs of the people. Personal testimonies of life transforming experiences and answers to prayers have been telecast in these programs and have been a source of great comfort to the viewers. The viewers call the Prayer Towers for a personal prayer of commitment and share their prayer requests to someone who listens to them patiently and prays with them at their moment of need, portraying the love of Christ. These services are offered free.


The seekers have access to more than 80,000 hours of messages, prayers, music, answers to life’s questions and problems, life stories, dramas and documentaries in 13 languages for them to be ministered to, across the world. Millions seek prayer through social media for which the scriptures and teaching are offered through each platform, such as the Jesus Calls website in multiple languages and various social media platforms. The platform also has enlisted thousands of volunteers to take time and pray for those in need, whom they would not even know as found in Job 42:10. Through this, a strong wave of prayer has been raised by the Dhinakarans across the world. Thousands upon thousands have had their lives transformed being empowered with compassion while hearing the agony and suffering of other people while praying for them.


Nearly half a million prayer requests are sent to the Jesus Calls ministry each month seeking prayer, counsel and scriptural direction. Every prayer request is individually replied through postal letters, email, social media and personal prayers with verses and spiritual counsel, as per their need.


Magazines are sent to the partners each month through e-magazines and lately in digital mode which are published through the website. It contains messages for each member of the family, articles for various occasions, prayer to be used for different needs, Bible devotional for the month, testimonies of the answers to prayer, training to serve in ministry and so on.

Various book titles have been published in different languages ranging from inspirational reading to teaching, dwelling on supernatural experiences, prayer, prophetic guidance, family life, stories for children and youth life.

Recently Dr Stella Dhinakaran has written a book called ‘I saw Him’, outlining the way in which God led her with the mission of Esther Prayer Group with lively testimonies; Dr Shilpa Samuel has written her maiden book ‘Lovely Inside and Out’ bringing out the 9 Fruit of the Spirit in practical manner.


Since 1995, Jesus Calls has been led through the late Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran offered one-tenths of its donation to other ministries to support their mission, to build their church buildings in pioneering areas, as well as, take care of the needy servants of God in frontier missions (Psalm 16:2). As a result of this, Jesus Calls has become a platform for all churches, ministries and missions to gather together in one accord. Moreover, God has been gracious to keep the ministry free from debt and fully funded through the benevolence of the people of India.