Jesus Calls Prayer Festival

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)


The first Good News meeting was held at Vellore in 1970 with hundred and odd people. It was at a Good News meeting held in 1971 at Erode organized by the Church of South India the ministry of late Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran got its name Jesus Calls. According to the divine plan of God, the territories of Jesus Calls spread and enlarged. People of different denominations and from different parts of India and abroad invited, Dr. Dhinakaran to minister to the masses. This humble beginning (of the Jesus Calls public meeting) spread far and wide in the land of India, and across the deep seas.


Several Prayer Festivals are conducted across the globe and by the sheer grace of God. The Dhinakarans stand before nearly 5,00,000 people who come from different parts of the country with various problems just to experience the miraculous touch of Jesus. To conduct a Prayer Festival for the multitudes to gather in one place for a crusade, huge expenses are incurred towards the publicity, ground hiring charges, stage erection charges, lighting & PA system, etc. The live webcast of these meetings through the Jesus Calls website and local TV channels will be of more blessing to those who cannot attend in person. May I invite you to be part of this noble mission and become a soul winner for the Lord along with us to establish His kingdom and prepare the world for His Second Coming?

Power of God … in the Prayer Festival

I sustained a fracture in my hand due to an accident that happened a couple of months back. Till now my hand was put in different kinds of casts. While I was travelling in a bus yesterday, my hand sustained a fracture again. The doctor who checked me said, “Your hand is broken. Again we cannot do anything”. Suddenly I remembered that Dr. Paul Dhinakaran would be ministering at the Trichy Prayer Festival. There was no one to take care of me. Many people told me that I had to undergo a surgery. But I had a great faith that the Lord would call me by my name in this meeting and heal me. I was thinking to myself, “If the Lord does not call me by my name during the prayer time today, I will commit suicide. I cannot live with just one hand. I am a great burden to my husband. The Lord should somehow call me by my name”. At that very moment Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called me by my name and said, “Lord, heal all those whose brain has been affected. Rathinam, all the time the scene of hanging comes before you. Rathinam Jesus is delivering you now. His mighty power is descending into you. Come to the Lord. Come running to the dais. The hand of God is coming upon you now. Come and share your testimony and surrender your life to God. He transforms your life completely”. On hearing that I praised God saying, “Lord, I would have certainly committed suicide by hanging myself. I praise You for saving me and making me live in this world”. While dear Sharon led the worship, I felt some-thing like electricity passing through my hand. Immediately I started clapping my hands. My husband said, “Do not clap your hands because your hand might break”. But still I continued clapping. Even as Sharon was singing, the mighty power of God descended upon my fractured hand. At that very moment, the Lord touched me and healed me completely. Now there is absolutely no pain and I am able to use my hand freely. I offer millions of praises to God who healed me.

- Mrs. Rathinam, Trichy

What a mighty God we serve … He calls us and blesses us.

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