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Apart from the Women's Conferences and Esther Prayer Groups, there is a mighty revival among the women across the world through our Correspondence service. Both Stella Dhinakaran and Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran are being used as mighty weapons by the Lord to lift up women in the pit of darkness and make them shine for His glory. Everyday hundreds of letters from women flood requesting for the prayers of Stella Dhinakaran and Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran who in turn pray earnestly and send powerful replies, which certainly wipe away the tears of such women. Not only that the women start seeking the Lord's face with all their heart and receive abundant blessings which revive their lives.

Countless are the testimonies of the people who have corresponded to the Jesus Calls ministry. Indeed the Lord sends His Mighty Words through the letters and proves His omnipotency!

Whatever be your family problem,
just a letter can assure you great deliverance.

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