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Counselling the Youth :

The young are prone to a lot of destructive distractions. But if the right counsel is given and if they are directed in the right path, then they are a bundle of energy doing good things. Here the Jesus Calls Ministry plays a vital role by imparting Godly counsel, encouragement and faith to the forlorn youth and directs them to prosperity and eternal joy. The youth correspondence is dealt purely by Paul Dhinakaran who is a beacon of light to the youth who are languishing in the dark.

Thousands of young people wallowing in sins, poverty, failures etc. write to him with a hope to become successful in their lives. Paul Dhinakaran's replies filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, kindle the faith of such youngsters who have lost their sense of direction in life and turn them towards eternal joy and peace. Ultimately they shine like stars and stand as a living witness for the Lord Almighty!

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