Sis. Evangeline Dhinakaran

A soft spoken timid young girl (Evangeline) became a part of the family of Dhinakarans through her marriage to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran on 2nd of June 1989. Born on April 24, 1968, Evangeline was a perfect gift and treasure according to Godís plan in the life of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran.

Today, she stands as a mighty servant of God before thousands of people roaring and bringing Godís mighty presence and power through prayer. Whenever she prays, the Spirit of God moves in a mighty way and thousands of people are filled with the power of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

She started her ministry in a very subtle way among the youth and later on as the Editor of True Friend, a magazine especially meant for the youngsters. God expanded the boundaries of her ministry, and now she preaches the word of God in the Public Prayer Festivals where 300,000 to 500,000 people gather. She ministers in all the key Jesus Calls meetings and especially to the families and women through the Family Blessing Meeting.

By the grace of God, many are witnessing mighty miracles and deliverance from bondage and sickness in her ministry. Many who have been oppressed from the evil spirit are delivered during her prayer time. Young men and women open their hearts to Jesus in their lives. Broken families are united. People, open their hearts to Jesus in their lives hearing her messages.

She is also a great source of comfort to millions of people through the TV programs where she brings Godís word and prays for Godís blessings in their lives. She travels along with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to many nations to establish the Prayer Towers and to pray for the people of the nation.

ďHe Carried MeĒ, a book authored by her, narrates how the Lord has been good to her from her early childhood and how he cared for her all these days. The book inspires the readers and guides them to lead a life depending on God. The roaring success of her first book reflects on the love and regard people have for her.

God has blessed her and Dr.Paul Dhinakaran with three lovely children Samuel, Sharon and Stella Ramola who in the footsteps of their parents stand in front of millions and bring glory to God through their singing and worship even from their childhood days. Now, Samuel and Sharon reach the youngsters with their message and songs. Stella Ramola with her songs and stories has captured hearts of many children and elders as well.

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