Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

 Dr. Paul Dhinakaran Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been called by the Lord to bring His love through prayer for the broken hearted to raise young professionals in technology as today's Daniels and Josephs. He is also a friend of the poor and the needy caring for thousands of them providing them hope for their future. His service to humanity has spanned 35 years. His hearts cry and mission in life is to turn everyone's sorrow into joy. His journey of faith began when he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Saviour in his 18th year and dedicated his life to serve the people empowered by God's love and grace with which his mission has touched millions positively.

He heads the Jesus Calls Ministry of prayer where he along with his family, children and team, conduct Prayer Festivals across India impacting gatherings up to 500,000 on a single evening. 108 Prayer Towers across the world have been established under his leadership where nearly 500,000 call for prayer each month around the clock. Dr Paul has been led to pray for the leaders of Governments also organising 36 hours Esther fasting prayers uniting all churches and people believing in prayer from all backgrounds to pray for God's will to be perfected through each election. He has also established 24 hours Prayer Towers to pray for the nations and Governments in order for them to do God's will in New Delhi across the Parliament and in Jerusalem on Ben Yehuda street on the 20th floor overlooking the entire city & Mount of olives.

Through his ministry, millions have experienced divine provision and wellbeing, broken families have been rebuilt and young and old have found meaning in life. Nearly 20,000 prayer intercessors have been trained by Dr. Paul in 12 countries personally to serve God by standing in the gap. The Jesus Calls TV ministry telecasts 400 programs a month containing real life stories from people who have overcome their troubles through faith and prayer along with hope giving messages and prayers,in 10 different languages across the globe. Dr. Paul's SocialMedia outreach with his family brings hope and encouragement have reached nearly 10 million people. He sings too.

Dr. Paul was appointed by the Government of India as a member of the National Monitoring Committee for Minority Education and as a Governing Council member of the Education for each child program. He is also the Chancellor of the Karunya University in India founded in 1986 where 8000 students study Engineering, Technology, Arts, Media, Sciences and Management. It is ranked among the first 50 Institutions in India. Nearly 27,000 have graduated with undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D degrees. The University is engaged in cutting edge research work in the areas of Food, Water, Health care and Energy to solve the problems of humanity.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran established SEESHA (Samiti for Education Environment Social and Health Action) a humanitarian outreach mission to care for poor children materially, morally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and educationally. Seesha also helps widows, physically and mentally challenged children, providing food, housing, medical services, also helping the poor who have lost their homes through natural disasters and more.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was born to (Late) Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran and Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran on 4th September 1962. He graduated as a Gold Medalist from Loyola College, Chennai, with a Bachelor's degree in Physics, and went on to complete his MBA and then earned his Ph.D in Management at the age of 26. He credits his spiritual transformation to his Godly parents - his father's prophetic voice and mother's unswerving fasting and prayer for him. His wife Evangeline ministers by his side powerfully with gentle compassion for the millions. Their three children, Samuel, Sharon and Stella Ramola pursue the same mission empowered with divine compassion. They minister as a family with the sole mission to ensure that no soul is lost.

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