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The grandson of Dr. D.G.S.Dhinakaran and son of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Samuel Paul Dhinakaran is the rejuvenated version of both the senior Dhinakarans. Just as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran stepped on the footsteps of his father at the right age making the decision to be the spiritual successor to the great man, Samuel Paul Dhinakaran has already prepared himself to carry the anointing upon his parent families, humbling himself to accept the Lord's call to minister unto Him, leaving the world behind him.

Born on 15-Jul-1990, Samuel Paul Dhinakaran is the first son of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran. His voice was dedicated unto the Lord at the tender age of four, when he first sang 'The Drummer Boy' on the National Network Television, 'The Doordarshan'. Shy in personality during his school days, he tried his best to contain within his academic curriculum to perform it at its best. However, the demands of the ministry never allowed him to remain in that state. He started to be the most wanted singer to glorify the Lord at the beginning of most of the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival Meetings. He took out ample time out of his study schedule to involve himself in the Ministry. However, this was never a challenge to brilliant Sam throughout his school days, never deterring him from topping the class in all academics.

 You are welcome to write to Samuel Paul Dhinakaran for your prayer needs samuel@jesuscalls.org


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