ambassador network

ambassador network

"Love others as you love yourself"

It is only upon the basis of this Divine Command that the Ambassador network of the Jesus Calls Ministries was founded. Anointed people who have experienced great freedom, healing and power of God volunteered their services to help others get this power too by spreading the love and compassion of Christ.

Today Ambassadors represent the Ministry all over India and abroad. The main role of a Ambassador is three-fold as enlisted below.

1) As a Prayer Warrior/ Counsellor/ Evangelist, to meet and pray for all the needy and tell about the love and compassion of Christ- the founding principal of the Ministry.

2) As an Ambassador of Christ/ Promoter of Ministry- to liaise between the people, partners and Jesus Calls Headquarters, Chennai. And to introduce our magazines, books, cassettes etc. and other facets of the Ministry so that many more can taste the Saviour's Love.

3) As a faithful stewardship - to be upright and honest for Christ's sake.

They are indeed the ambassadors of 'Jesus Calls' Ministry, set as witnesses to Christ, and have been drawing so many to experience His love, compassion and power.

You can get in touch in with one of them near your area anywhere in the world to get our materials and information.


If you desire to represent this ministry of love and compassion, please write to us.

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