My dearly beloved brother and sister, I am sure you would want to give your thank offering on your

  • Birthday
  • Wedding day / Anniversary
  • Any other special day
  • A memorial day

to heal millions of broken hearted people and to bring blessings to you and your family during the year.

You are aware that millions of people watch Jesus Calls TV Programmes and experience the love of Lord Jesus Christ and His power in their lives

You could contribute your offering on any of these preferences mentioned below:

  • Rs.1000/- (your name will be displayed on the TV programme and prayers will be offered for you).
  • Rs. 10,000/- (During the TV programme, your family photo will be displayed and special prayers will be offered for your prayer requests personally).

Here is a testimony...

We sponsored a Jesus Calls TV Programme by sending our thank offering of Rs. 10,000/- on the occasion of my husband's birthday. We also visited the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower on his birthday. We left a prayer request for Dr. Paul Dhinakaran requesting him to pray for God to heal my husband from a Serious Disease. He too prayed with much burden for my husband and sent a reply assuring his prayers. What a wonder! The Lord heard his prayer and healed my husband miraculously without any surgery. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for his prayer. We give God all the glory.
- Sis. Packialakshmi, Chennai - 73.

Pledge amount for the plan:

  • India Rs.10000
  • Malaysia RM 800
  • Singapore S$ 300
  • Sri Lanka SI. Rs. 20000
  • Australia AUD 300
  • Canada CAD 300
  • South Africa RAND 2500
  • UK GBP 200
  • Other European Countries Euro 200
  • Fiji FJD 500
  • Russia Ruble 8000
  • Germany Euro 200
  • Saudi Arabia Riyal 1000
  • China Yuan 2000
  • Japan Yen 20000
  • Korea Won 43000
  • Brazil Real 500
  • USA USD 1000
  • Middle East Countries USD 300 or its equivalent
  • Other Countries USD 300 or its equivalent

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Your thank offering will help us to wipe away tears of millions and bring you hundred times reward with joy.

  • You / Your family can Co-sponsor a programme
  • You / Your family's photograph will be telecast in your special programme.
  • Your names will be announced in the special programme & the Dhinakarans will specially pray for you and your family's prayer requests.
  • An exclusive Promise verse for you will be given during the telecast.
  • The date of telecast will be informed well in advance to facilitate you to inform your relatives & friends to watch your special programme.
  • You can choose the telecast date of your programme
  • Kindly book 30 to 45 days in advance to help us in the programme productions
  • You will be a blessing to millions who watch this programme through your thank offering.
  • You will receive abundant blessing from our Lord while you help us to reach the unreached people
  • You and your family will be covered under His mighty wings with the divine protection and abundant grace all through your life.
  • You will reap abundant blessings through the prayers of the millions of people, who view your programme.
  • A DVD of your co-sponsored programme will be sent to your home after the telecast.
  • You can cherish those golden moments in the later years by viewing this DVD.

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For more information and queries (10 am to 5 pm - monday to saturday)

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The first television programme of Jesus Calls Ministry called 'Prayer Time' had a small beginning in 1995.

But today, by the grace of God millions are blessed through 768 Television programmes which are telecast in 17 channels in 8 different languages every month.

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