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Many people who were unable to attend the crusades organized by Jesus Calls Ministries as also those who attended them personally request us to record these unobtainable gifts of the Lord in these meetings. Now we have a huge library of cassettes with the messages of the Dhinakarans. You may like to treasure these messages in your private library at home. Log on to the shopping Cart to place your order.

The Dhinakarans utilize every single talent that the Lord has given to them. The Lord has given them the talent of singing. The Lord performs miracles through their songs. Their voice coupled with the heavenly music and the Lord's blessings have brought blessings to many. Especially the young children of Dr.Paul Dhinakaran, Sam, Sharon and Sweety are the role models for many children of their ages. Their songs mesmerize little children and express the love and compassion of the Lord.

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