women ministry

Reviving the Womenfolk:

Of late, the Lord has been using Stella Dhinakaran mightily, bringing a great revival among womenfolk in India.

Women Ministry The Jesus calls Ministries conducts Special Women's Conferences in various places of the country in which Stella Dhinakaran and Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran deliver the Lord's message. These conferences are mainly conducted to empower the womenfolk with the Word of God and to help them grow in the Lord. Thousands attend these meetings and the Lord's power is demonstrated through mighty miracles.

Women from all parts of the city pour into the ground where the Jesus Calls Public Meetings are held, to listen to the message that Stella Dhinakaran brings from God. The Holy Spirit would operate the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit from within her.

Besides, when public meetings are conducted, a morning is devoted to the Family Blessing Meeting where peace is restored in thousands of broken homes. People surrender their lives to Christ with torrents of tears and sorrow of conviction of their sins.

Take part in the Women's Ministry and be blessed!

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