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Esther Prayer Group :

esther prayer group

The Lord gave a vision to Stella Dhinakaran about "Esther Prayer Group" in March 1988.

She obeyed at once to the Heavenly vision of gathering together women who would like to wrestle in prayer for a revival among women. She gave a call through the Jesus Calls magazine, for women with this burden to surrender themselves as prayer warriors to contact her in this regard. Out of those who responded to this Heavenly call, she formed a prayer group of all such sisters who are residing at Chennai, and started the prayer group in the month of June, the same year, setting apart the second Saturday of every month for the Esther Prayer Group members to wrestle in prayer from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. The prayers are particularly focused on the revival among women and to pray with concern for the prayer points sent regularly by Stella Dhinakaran, every month. Now, more than 1000 Esther Prayer Groups have been formed all over the globe.

The Lord has shown a great revival among women in response to the prayers offered in these prayer groups. Many have tasted miracles through this ministry.

Sisters who desire to participate in this ministry of prayer may write to us at epg@jesuscalls.org.

Let us all join hands with one accord and pray to the most High God for a revival in the lives of women - for resuscitation, for families to be built up and for each one to be transformed into a wise and precious priceless pearl.

Instructions to the Esther Prayer Group

1. Every month, on the second Saturday, from 3 pm to 5 pm, sisters of an area join together at the Esther Prayer Group's leader's residence or a common place mutually agreed by all its members for the revival of women's lives and for the immediate needs of the Ministry. The time for prayer would be a minimum of 2 hours. In case you do not find it convenient to make it on the second Saturday, you can have it on any other suitable day with prior notification to all members in the group. The Jesus Calls Prayer Centre may also be kindly intimated.

2. The fellowship may be conducted with a pre-planned schedule of events. Apart from this, the individual needs of each participant may be prayed for.

3. It would be good if at least six women join together and pray.

4. The praying ministry being a matter dealing directly with the Almighty Lord, let us do it with all fear and godliness. Let your activities be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

5. You may send in details along with photographs of any miracles that happen in the Prayer Groups. Let us join and glorify the name of our Creator.


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