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Jesus Calls Prayer Festival - Madurai 2003

Day 1 Message (in Tamil)

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The Thamukkam Ground in Madurai is situated at the heart of the city of Madurai near the Madurai Medical College. As the sun began to set on 15th January 2003, the glory of God descended on this ground as people gathered to listen to the words of the Dhinakarans. The organising committe of the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival, Madurai 2003, under the chairmanship of Mr.Manual Jayaraj, organised the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival to be conducted from 15 to 19 January, 2003.

Several Church leaders and political leaders ornamented the stage. The chief guest Mrs.Valarmathi Jebaraj, M.L.A. and former Minister of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, while addressing the mob, humbly shared her testimony saying, "In the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival that was held in Madurai last time in the year 2000, I was sitting somewhere there in the crowd, praying for God to bless me. God heard my prayer and has honoured me so much that I am the chief guest for today's meeting." The ground reverberated with applause. The Rt.Rev.Jason Dharmaraj, C.S.I. Bishop, Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad, along with the former Bishop Rt.Rev.Pothirajulu greeted the crowd with words of blessings and prayed for God's blessings for all the five days of the Prayer Festival.

The Lord's apostle for India - Bro.D.G.S.Dhinakaran, Dr.Paul Dhinakaran, Sis.Stella Dhinakaran and Sis.Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran, and the sweet little children Sam, Sharon and Sweety were formally greeted by the Committee with garlands and the traditional welcome with a shawl.

The Karunya choir performed choreography, involving the people gathered there in powerful praise and worship. Mr.Victor Durai & Team led the people in singing.

Dr.Paul Dhinakaran shared the Word of God for the first day under the title 'The Prayer that Transformed the Cursed to Blessed' (Thuyarathai Inbamaakkiyavanudaya Jebam). He spoke about the prayer that can change the destiny of a person who is considered as cursed to become the blessed of the Lord, quoting examples from the Bible.

Dr.Paul Dhinakaran led the people in powerful prayer with great anointing of the Holy Spirit. The power of God descended delivering the people from their bondages, giving complete freedom in their body, soul and spirit, healing sicknesses and transforming lives. It was amazing to see people coming to testify what the Lord had done during the time of prayer, as they felt the touch of God. Dr.Paul Dhinakaran called out several names and described the problems they were facing and how the Lord was delivering them exactly as it was, through the revelation he received from God. Each one came forward to confirm that it was just as God had revealed to him.

Truly, everyone experienced the presence of God and felt His supernatural touch even on the first day of the Prayer Festival. Four more days of power to follow...

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