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Jesus Calls Magazines

The Jesus Calls Ministries, in its quest to reach out to the masses, started the Magazine Ministry way back in the year 1973. A modest and humble beginning with just 200 subscribers, the first 'Jesus Calls' magazine came out in the month of May 1973 in both English and Tamil. But this facet of the ministry grew in leaps and bounds fast and began to reach more people by every passing month.

In the year 1980, the Lord enabled us to introduce this magazine both in Malayalam and Telugu editions and 2 years later in the year 1982 the Hindi edition appeared. By now, the Jesus Calls Ministries was reaching a huge chunk of this populous country through the 'Jesus Calls' magazines. In the year 1986 the 'Jesus Calls' magazine got published in Kanada.

Now 'Jesus Calls' magazine, in 6 different languages reaches to an estimate of 250,000 people every month and the readership of this magazine exceeds half a million.

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