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'Jesus Calls' magazine :

Jesus Calls Magazines This magazine brings out the Lord's word in clear and simple terms so that anyone can understand and live a victorious Christian life. The Lord has worked so many miracles through this magazine. Truly this had been the Heavenly Manna every month for millions all around the world.

The three magazines Jesus Calls, True Friend and Priceless Pearl are merged into one and is released as Jesus Calls magazine, with new and attractive features.

The various features of this magazine are;

For Families…

  • Prophetic messages
  • Preparation for the Second coming of Jesus
  • God’s Message for the blessing of families
  • Excellent testimonies of those who have tasted miracles.

For the Youth...

  • Secret of success
  • Testimonies of the achievers
  • God’s ways for youth to progress in life
  • Paths for the youth to have the right relationship

For the Sisters...

  • Importance of young days
  • Experiences of the members of the Esther Prayer Groups
  • Thought provoking articles
  • Practical Advices

Still more…

‘Jesus Calls’- A single magazine containing all the news of the three magazines and also the implementation of the plans of all the facets of the ministry. You can send a minimum of Rs.250/- (US $ 25) per year, as subscription for this magazine, instead of sending subscription for the three magazines separately.

Subscription Rates:

Period in India outside India
Yearly Rs.250 US $ 25

If you would like to post your articles, place advertisements or give a suggestion about the magazines, please write to :

For more details, please get in touch with
Manager - Publications,
Jesus Calls
16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai - 600028, India.
Telephone: (91-44) 23456677
Fax: (91-44) 24936988

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Featured Articles

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