Dr. Stella Dhinakaran

She was born in a small hamlet in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India on 24th May 1938, and her God fearing parents brought her up in the fear of God.

A Chosen Vessel

Stella Dhinakaran She was chosen by God for a divine purpose to be united in Holy Matrimony to a young man called Dhinakaran, who was working in a bank. This God fearing couple started and built their family life on prayer. They had to go through lot of pain and suffering in their early stages of marriage as they lost the precious gift of child on two occasions. She along with her husband continued to hold on to God and prayed for the gift of child. God blessed them with a beautiful boy baby on 4th of September 1962 and later a baby girl on 4th Nov 1969.

In the early days of their ministry, she supported her husband Dr. Dhinakaran by caring & serving the pastors and people who came to meet him. She was faithful in this God given responsibility.

God filled her with the Holy Spirit and transformed the timid person to a bold woman of prayer like Esther and Deborah. She became a comforter of women and built thousands of families through her prayers and words of encouragement from the scriptures. As the ministry grew, she supported Dr. Dhinakaran by replying to hundreds of people who wrote to him and through her fervent prayers.

Path of Suffering & Pain

In the early stages of their ministry and family life, she walked through path of suffering, pain and financial problems. In spite of these paths of tribulation she stood by the side of her husband and joined with him to fulfill the vision .In 1986, a disaster struck them and they lost their loving daughter in a road accident. Pain and grief gripped them terribly and it took great courage to overcome this emotional turbulence. Finally, they strengthened themselves in God and continued to bring comfort to more broken hearted people.

Esther Prayer Group

The Lord gave her a vision and burden to pray for the nation and for the family. In obedience to this call, she started 'Esther Prayer Group' in March 1988. She gathered women who would stand in the gap and intercede for the nation and bring blessing and transformation in the lives of the family members. In response to her cal,l women with passion to pray formed prayer groups and joined the growing number of Esther Prayer Groups. The prayer points are prepared by Sis. Stella Dhinakaran herself and circulated to all the EPG leaders all over the world.

Building Families Ö Building Godís Kingdom

God started using Sis. Stella Dhinakaran in a different dimension and gave her special grace to bring comfort and to build families. The special meetings for women and the Family Blessing Ministry has a great impact and brings transformation in the lives of thousands of people. People witness mighty miracles and deliverance from the evil spirit when this woman of God prays. Men who were walking astray under the clutches of sin and addiction turn to God and return home. Young men and women drawn by the lust of the world receive the truth, give their hearts to their Creator.

Books & Periodicals

God blessed Sis. Stella Dhinakaran with a special grace to write, she started to write articles and books that brings miracles in the lives of people and transforms many. Her book 'A Priceless Pearl' won the National Award for the Best Christian Book in 1989.

Pressing towards the Goal!

Even after reaching the senior citizen status and many years of sacrificial ministry and praying for millions, she is not contented and not willing to rest. She still seeks the Lord early in the morning, continues her personal fasting and prayer on Tuesdays, replies to people who write to her, conducts Esther Prayer Groups, travels around the world to bring healing and comfort to the people and eagerly accepts the invitations to minister in different parts of India and around the world. Willing to do anything for the Lord Ö

If you have a prayer need please write to stella@jesuscalls.org