Dear friend, It is a joy for me to write to you about God’s promise for today, which is from Isaiah 33:5: “The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high; He will fill Zion with His justice and righteousness.”

My dear friend, are you waiting for justice today? Do you want someone to help you out of your problem? Are you saying, "I didn't do anything wrong, yet I have been falsely accused"? This false accusation that has been placed upon you is unjust, and you are waiting for justice in your life. Today's promise says that God will bring justice for you. His righteousness and justice will come quickly. He is watching over you, and He will ensure that justice comes swiftly.

This is what happened in the life of our dear sister Roopa. She shared her testimony from Karnataka, saying that her co-worker had stolen something from their company. During the interrogation, her co-worker falsely accused Roopa of being involved, leading to both of them being terminated. Sister Roopa felt very sad and wondered if she would ever get justice, knowing she did nothing wrong. In this situation, she went to the Jayanagar Prayer Tower, cried at the feet of Jesus, and the prayer intercessor prayed for her and sent her on her way. Three days later, she decided to return to the company to justify herself. When she went to her boss's office, before she could even speak, her boss said they found nothing wrong and told her to return to work. She was thrilled and relieved, unable to believe that she got her job back without having to justify herself.

Yes, my dear friend, God did justice for her, and in the same way, God will do it for you. You may be waiting for justice in your life, wondering if anyone is watching or if God sees what is happening. But He is watching you, my dear friend, and He will make sure that justice comes quickly. So be of good cheer.


Dear Lord, I come before You today, seeking Your justice and righteousness in my life. I feel the weight of false accusations and the burden of unfair treatment. I trust in Your promise that You see everything and will bring justice swiftly. Please grant me the strength to endure and the faith to trust in Your timing. Fill my heart with peace, knowing that You are watching over me and working on my behalf. Help me to remain steadfast in Your love and confident in Your righteousness. Thank You for being my refuge in times of trouble. I place my trust in You and await Your justice with hope and gratitude. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.