My friend, God says in Ezekiel 36:10, "I will cause many people to live on you—yes, all of Israel. The towns will be inhabited and the ruins rebuilt." Today, this promise is coming upon you. God wants to multiply people for you. To whom was such a promise given? This was when Israel was subject to other nations, oppressed by them, taken over as a possession, and mocked. They said, "Who are you, Israel? You are nobody. Look at how you lie in waste." They mocked Israel.

You might be in such a position today, subjected to the wild ways of others and left powerless, unable to defend yourself. There is a Defender who is watching over you. If you read this chapter, you’ll see that the Lord was waiting for the time to avenge this, saying, "How dare they mock My Israel, My people?"

My friend, when my grandparents lost their only daughter, Angel, they felt as if they were once again left barren. They had lost their beloved daughter and were comfortless. People criticized them, saying they had not followed God's will, which is why God had punished them. They said their plans to build a college were false, and that's why God had punished them. These mocking words pierced their hearts. But that was when the Lord challenged them to follow Him. The Holy Spirit empowered them and filled them without measure. Without their knowledge, they were laughing in the morning. With the strength of the Spirit, they said, "Yes, Lord, we will follow you." 

And today, in that same place, God has multiplied people upon them. The number of spiritual children they have received and brought to the Lord is countless. The children raised through that same college are numerous. In that same wasteland, God has rebuilt so much. He has brought up the ministry, the university, and His Kingdom in the hearts of so many people. God will multiply people for you. Your cities will be inhabited. Your waste places will be rebuilt. Thank God for this promise.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your promise to multiply and rebuild my life. I hold onto this promise today, believing that You will multiply blessings in my life. Just as Israel faced oppression and mockery, I sometimes feel powerless and subjected to the ways of others. But I trust that You are my Defender, watching over me and ready to restore what has been lost. Lord, I ask for strength and empowerment. Help me to follow You faithfully. Rebuild the wastelands in my life and multiply blessings upon me. Fill my heart with Your Spirit, and let Your Kingdom flourish within me. Thank You for Your faithfulness and love. I trust in Your promise to rebuild and restore. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.