My precious friend, God cares for you. He watches over you always, ready to lift up His countenance and give you peace. He will make His face shine upon you and increase His grace upon you. "The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." (Psalm 121:8). God is your keeper and protector. Your soul and your life are precious to Jesus. He has kept you in this world for a purpose. Never say, "Why should I live anymore?" Jesus needs you to live in this world. In the midst of a burdensome and mountainous path, lift your eyes to the Lord from where your help will come (Psalm 121:1). Your help will come from the Lord.

A dear partner of Jesus, Mr. Jablon, shared an incident that happened in his life. Once, while driving alone at night, he felt very sleepy. It was pitch dark around him. Suddenly, he received a telephone call from his wife. She said, "I had a dream that you were in an accident. Please stop where you are." He stopped the car, unsure of where he was or what was around him. He went to sleep right in the car. When he woke up in the morning, he saw a deep ditch in front of him. If he had driven just a little further, he would have fallen into it and possibly died. God was watching over him, speaking through his wife by giving her a dream while she was sleeping. What a great connection there was between the husband and wife! God watched over the family, and the Lord will watch over you too.

So, you will never stumble or fall. You are precious to God. He will lift you on wings like eagles, and you will soar above every situation. You will be saved.


Dear Lord, I thank You for always caring for me and keeping Your watchful eyes upon me. I ask that You lift up Your countenance and grant me peace. Shine Your face upon me and increase Your grace in my life. Watch over my coming and going, now and forevermore. Help me to remember that my soul and my life are precious to You, and that You have kept me in this world for a purpose. When I feel burdened and lost, remind me to lift my eyes to You, for my help comes from You, Lord. Thank You for the ways You protect and guide me, even when I am unaware. I trust that You are watching over me. Strengthen my faith and keep me from stumbling. Lift me on wings like eagles, so I may soar above every challenge. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.