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"For the Lord good thing does He withhold..." (Psalm 84:11)

Mrs. Priya Rajesh was worried about her elder sister Mrs. Jothi as she was not blessed with a child even after 13 years of marriage. Everyone in the family was so dejected that they even stopped celebrating special occasions together.

Priya resides in Tambaram, near Chennai and she was aware of the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower there. She also watched the Jesus Calls television programmes regularly and had sponsored many programmes as it was her habit to do so on her children’s birthdays.

Priya's elder sister Jothi lived in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Her husband Mr. Balaji worked abroad. Priya was very upset that even though Jothi had all the other blessings in her life she was not blessed with a child. So, Priya kept praying with a burden for her sister to be blessed with the gift of a child. She also sponsored the Jesus Calls TV programme on behalf of her sister, in faith, believing for a miracle to happen soon. What a wonder!

After 13 years of marriage, God miraculously blessed the womb of Mrs. Jothi Balaji and she gave birth to a baby boy in June 2022. They are now all very happy as a family for the blessing that they have received from God Almighty especially Mrs. Priya as she had been sponsoring many TV programmes as thanksgiving to the Lord. She shared this marvellous testimony at the Tambaram Prayer Tower for the glory of God.

Sis. Priya’s act of faith in sponsoring the TV programmes was seen and rewarded by God when her sister got blessed with the fruit of a womb. You too can receive such miracles in your life if you believe! By sponsoring a programme, you are not only piling up blessings for yourself and your family but also for your future generations since there are a lot of viewers who are being blessed by your single contribution.

You can sponsor a programme as Thanksgiving on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or also sponsor in faith, believing inc a miracle as Sis. Priya did either for you or your loved ones. Since each of our programmes are dedicated to taking Jesus into millions of homes, you being the reason will definitely reap the benefits here on earth and in heaven!

For every message, every song, every worship, every counsel that touches and transforms the hearts of people, the Lord will add them to your account in heaven and reward you because whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you did for God! (Matthew 25:40)

Privileges of TV programme sponsors:

  • Your family photo will be telecast in the Television Programme that you sponsor.
  • Dr. Paul Dhinakaran will pray for you and for all your prayer requests specifically in the same program. When you co-sponsor a television programme, your name will be telecast in that specific programme.
  • We will send you a copy of the link to the television programme that you sponsored/co-sponsored.


  • You can sponsor a Television program by sending Rs.30,000/-
  • You can co - sponsor a Television program by sending Rs.10,000/-
  • You can help by sending Rs.500/- every month towards the T.V. Club.

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