Young Partner Plan

* Wisdom * Prosperity * Protection


In the world today, each child and young person face great temptations and vicious allurements, which destroy their life. In order to protect them from all the evil influences it is essential to keep them before the Lord in prayer till they enter into adulthood. So for this purpose the Young partners plan has been operated in Jesus Calls since 1985 for the protection and blessing of each child who is enrolled in this plan.

As a child is enrolled as a Young Partner with the Lord Jesus prayer is offered once everyday in the Prayer Tower daily till they attain 25 years or until they get married. The prayer is based on the prayer of Jabez found in 1 Chronicles 4:10: Protection, Prophetic wisdom and Prosperity in life. 

  • Divine protection from the evils of this world (John 17:15)

  • Divine wisdom to shine in their studies (Isaiah 54:13)

  • Divine prosperity to enable them to flourish in their life (Psalm 115:14)


Dr Paul Dhinakaran and family pray for them personally once in their lifetime. On their birthdays they would receive a prayer from the Prayer Intercessor of Jesus Calls. Each Young partner receives a Biblical promise bearing certificate.
The offerings given by each Young partner is used to meet the expenses of Jesus Calls to serve the millions of broken hearted people who approach it for prayers, comfort, counselling, direction, training all the 24 hours daily. We pray that whatever donation a Young partner gives or is given on their behalf, be blessed and multiplied by our Lord to bless millions of people. May He take all those blessings that He gives the people and place it upon each Young partner to enable him/ her to enjoy a 1000 times increase of blessings in their life. (Deuteronomy 1:11).

As you support the mission yourself or enroll your child as a young partner to support this mission as a young partner the Lord has promised to bless your child according to the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10 by 

  • Providing the blessing of wisdom and knowledge 

  • Providing protection from the evils of the world 

  • Providing a blessed future in one’s life. 

To make this happen the Prayer Intercessor in the Prayer Tower prays for each young partner once a day for this verse to be fulfilled by God in their life. The Dhinakarans also pray for the blessings of the young partner. 

Here is a testimony of one such partner who is blessed in life through this plan:

Overflowing favor of God and men

“I am a Young Partner. In 2012, I scored 10/10 in my 10th class and I desired to take up medicine. So, I joined Inter taking BIPC (2012-2014 batch). In my final exams, I scored 958/ 1000 but my EAMCET marks pulled me down. I got 89/160 in it. I thought I will get a medical seat in some private college but that too was doubtful. When I went for counselling, there was just one seat left and I knew it was given by God Himself. It was in my dream college.  But God has done this miracle in my life by giving me more than what I had prayed for. I did my MBBS (2014- 2020 batch).
I thank Dr Paul for immediately replying my mails and for all the prayers. All praise be to God.

- Mahitha Lampimukhi , Rajahmundry