- Bro. Samuel Dhinakaran

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” (Philippians 2:3-4)

What is selfishness? Selfishness is seeking our happiness at the expense of others. Self ambitious people are 'ok' with hurting others to win arguments. They would rather fight to be right than say I’m sorry and get along with others. They are willing to win at all costs, even if it brings pain, hurt and damages others' hearts. They elevate their will, their opinions, their comfort, their feelings above the desires, thoughts, and needs of the people around them.

It is good to have ambitions but it should not be filled with selfishness for ourselves which corrupts and makes us so close minded. This is what the devil also tells us to have. He told Adam and Eve to eat the fruit which God told not them not to eat and to get wisdom. ‘Get wisdom for yourselves, you can be like God’. Satan always tells us ‘you get what you want for yourselves; don’t think about what God is telling you; don’t think about what your parents are advising you or what others want around you, just think about you having a great luxurious life’. That's how Satan's temptations always come.

Satan tempted also Jesus saying, ‘get bread for yourself, get glory for yourself, I will give you everything’. My friends, this is how Satan wants selfishness to come into us and this blinds our eyes from anything else. But on the contrary God wants us to have a completely selfless heart. A ‘SELF-LESS’ heart. God says, be humble, and regard others more highly than yourself. Find what interests them, how they feel, and what we can do to help them. Such a heart and such a mentality ought to be within us.

Combating the sin of selfishness requires humility: The ultimate example of humility is Jesus. As per Philippians 2:5-8, even though He was a great God, having all the glory, He still took time to come into this world in the form of Jesus. He humbled Himself for us and went from person to person doing much good for people. He spent His time making selfish men into selfless people. He called 12 people to come follow him and showed them what it is to be selfless.

He took the short time that He had in this world to teach those 12 people. He spent His life for others and not only that finally He gave Himself at the cross to die for all mankind. Look at this selflessness; He gave up His own life, blood and body. His final act was also totally selfless, all so that we could live. He washed the feet of His 12 disciples and said go and wash the feet of others, care for them, speak about my love to them. Yes! This is what Jesus wants us to have. So dedicate yourself today to have this selfless heart.

How can we get a selfless heart?

We must become selfless by diminishing our desires, vain ambitions, and making Jesus more present within us.Give up what we want, and surrender to do His will and to help others instead of ourselves. This will allow God's Spirit to operate within us and give us a heart of selflessness.The Holy Spirit will help us to have a selfless heart and change our thinking. He will make us selfless in doing His will. Enjoy the selfless heart in having peace within you and may you enjoy the love of Jesus as you are selfless.

      Let us clothe ourselves with humility and reflect Jesus this July,

He will exalt us in due season. May God be with you!