Welcome to March. Take a leap of faith with the Lord and march forward this month. Today, you might think that the problems that you are facing are too big and impossible for you to overcome. The Bible says in Isaiah 7:11, “Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest of heights.” Yes! Ask God for that sign, God will do the impossible in your life. In what times should we take a leap of faith?

Take a leap of faith ‘When the future seems dark’: Trust God with your life and put all your hope in Him. Give your future, your studies, your talents and all the personal things that you hold, put them upon Him and take a leap of faith and move forward. Don’t be stuck in fear. 

Take a leap of faith into the ‘new opportunities’: Don’t be afraid or embarrassed or think you will not find success when new opportunities come. Take that opportunity. The small steps that you take now will take you to a great future. God will connect you to great people and give you great exposure through this small window of opportunity. God Himself will bring you the opportunities. 

Take a leap of faith to ‘overcome your barriers and obstacles’: Many things in your life may be stopping you from moving forward. You may be limiting yourself by saying, I don’t have the wisdom or talent to do this; I don’t see a way to get back to my studies or job. But God promises to break this barrier for you. It is nothing for the Lord.

A man called Caleb saw what God could do in the midst of a battle with Cannan- the land that God had promised the Israelites. People were afraid to battle seeing the giants in Cannan as big and strong. But Caleb believed wholeheartedly and had faith that God would help Israel conquer the land. He was determined to trust the Lord and believe that He would give him victory. And through his faith, Israel won over Cannan, and they entered the land flowing with all the riches of milk and honey.

My friend, break the barriers with the help of God and move forward. Take that leap of faith in your heart and ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest of depth or the highest of height. He will move you forward and accomplish great things.

Narmada, a young partner from Chennai, experienced severe headaches and weakness for more than a year due to the heavy medication administered for Typhoid. As a result, she was advised to abstain from taking exams that year. Feeling disheartened, she heard about our Student Prayer Meet organized exclusively for students appearing for board and competitive exams and attended with the intention of seeking God’s healing and guidance for her exams. My father, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, prayed for her, assuring that she would be delivered from weaknesses and ascend to greater heights. Encouraged by this, she visited the Prayer Tower daily before exams to get prayed. In that year's exams, she achieved an outstanding score of 1172 out of 1200, securing full marks in Commerce and Business Maths (200 out of 200). The subsequent year, she shared her inspiring story at the Student Prayer Meet. With God's great grace, she successfully completed her B.Com and C.A. and is now enjoying God’s blessings in her life and business. What was impossible became possible in the life of Narmada.

Similar to Narmada's journey, I encourage you to visit our Jesus Calls Prayer Towers near you or call our 24/7 Telephone Prayer Tower at 8546999000. Our Prayer Intercessors eagerly await to hear your concerns and pray for you, claiming God’s promises over your life. I believe you too will have a beautiful testimony to share. Also, please encourage your friends to become young partners today, as our Prayer Intercessors across the country pronounce your name and offer prayers every day in our Prayer Towers, seeking God’s wisdom, protection, and a bright future for you!

We, as a family, are always praying for you. Write to us if you are encouraged and blessed through this message at [email protected]  as it will bring hope to so many people.

Before every exam, I encourage you to call our Telephone Prayer Tower at 8546 999 000; our Prayer Intercessors are available 24x7 to pray for you and provide encouragement. Additionally, send your exam timetable via email to [email protected] or to the nearby Prayer Tower. We will place your timetable in the chain prayer, and continuous prayer will be offered by the Prayer Intercessors for you. Click to download Prayer for Students… Please read this prayer before going to the exam.

God will give you victory in the impossible this month. Take a leap of faith with Him. God bless you!