Business Blessing Plan


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Sow into people’s lives and reap blessings in your business!


Give generously and gain greatly

Jesus Calls Business Blessing Plan was divinely revealed by the Holy Spirit to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to pray for the welfare of

• Business Houses / Business Enterprises

• Business People

• Businesses to prosper and money to be created to further God’s kingdom.

Even as you enroll your shop, trade, business, or industry in this plan, the Almighty Lord will surely grant you and your business divine protection and prosperity. The Lord will teach you to be profitable and expand your business. If it’s a new enterprise that you invested in or an ongoing activity, trust the Lord, He will not let you face a loss. For the Lord will restore everything to you in double measure, enable you to reap hundredfold blessings (Genesis 26:12), and will make you eat the fruits of your labor with peace and joy.

Prosperity promised in the plan

Today the world is facing financial turmoil, inflation, shortage of commodities, unhealthy competition, natural calamities, division amongst peoples and nations which are adversely affecting the business community. But in the midst of these tribulations, the Lord wants to prosper His People who build His kingdom, according to Malachi 3:10–11 "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my temple. If you do" says the Lord Almighty, "I will open the flood gates of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take it in! Try it! Let me prove it for you and I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes."

God's desire is to open the floodgates of heaven and bless the business houses and those who are involved in doing business, as well as to rebuke the devouring devil who brings loss, prospering those who have been sending their offerings to His ministry, which is bringing blessings for His people.

According to Isaiah 60:5, the Lord shall in the days to come make His people inherit the wealth of the nation and shall in turn enable them to contribute to the national policies which would be in consonance with God's Ministry to bless the nation which would prosper every citizen of the land. This would usher in righteousness and the even distribution of wealth to all in the nation, thus making God's glory to rest on each citizen (Isaiah 66:21). The nation shall then rejoice (Isaiah 25:8) It is in this context that the Business Blessing Plan has been presented to you with the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Who can enroll?

The Partner who wishes to enroll could be a business concern or a business person or a person working for a business and is willing to send their:

  • Partnership offering every month to the Jesus Calls Ministry
  • Part of their yearly profits every year to the Jesus calls Ministry
  • Collections received on the first day of every month to the Jesus Calls Ministry
  • First Payment, the business receives at the beginning of each month to the Jesus Calls Ministry for it in turn to invest or sow that money prayerfully into the lives of people to bring healing to their broken hearts and lives through prayer, counseling, social and monetary help, education etc. and give them life through God's love and power.
Benefits of enrolling
  •  Dr. Paul Dhinakaran or any member of his family will meet with the Business Blessing Plan partner from time to time to pray for their business through special meetings or personal interaction
  • Special Prayers will be offered every day for the partners by designated prayer warriors.
  • Special Prayers will be offered at the time of AGM's, negotiations, business discussions, finalizing business deals, awaiting Government Orders, etc, when communicated by the partner to the Prayer Tower quoting their registration number each time through mail, telephone or email for this purpose.
  • Prayers by the prayer intercessors at the Prayer Towers and 24-hour chain prayer.
  •  Special prayers at the Business Blessing Meeting conducted once in a month at all the Jesus Calls Prayer Towers in India for the blessing of business owners, entrepreneurs, traders, and industrialists.
  • Prayers of the Dhinakarans and also God’s revelation for those seeking God’s will in their business endeavors.
Here is a testimony of a dear brother who has been blessed by sponsoring this Business Blessing Plan:
Bountifully Blessed:

Since last 5 years,  I have been regularly coming to Jesus Calls for prayers. I was doing garment business and was going through severe financial crises and I requested the prayer warriors to pray for my deliverance from the problem. The prayer warriors here prayed for my loan to be sanctioned and also to bless my garment business. I also wrote to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran for the increase in my business. He too prayed with much burden for the same. I have also enrolled my name in the Business Blessing Plan. After that the Lord started blessing my business, and with God's grace I started getting orders after orders. I also experienced the presence of Lord Jesus in my personal life and gradually all my problems were getting solved one by one. The Lord has blessed me abundantly in my personal life as well as in my business. He has given me the peace and joy.I thank and praise God for His abundant grace and I also thank Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and all the prayer warriors for praying for me. May god bless this wonderful ministry. All Glory to God.

- Narayan Aldar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune

Therefore, as you enroll in this plan, your business will function with ease as you have given Jesus Christ as your priority. 


Become a channel of blessing to millions through this mission of Jesus Calls.


 Any query on the ministry, call Partner Care 044- 23456677 (7am to 9 pm)

Sow into people’s lives and Reap blessings in your business!